Circletime is accepting applications!

Have a uniquely engaging curriculum for children 0-10?
Scale it up in a new way that broadens your reach and increases your flexibility.

No curriculum, but want to lead classes?
We are happy to match you with a curriculum that best suits your skills. Apply Now


Online access lets overscheduled parents fit in quality time with their children when it works best for their families.


Increase your professional satisfaction by focusing on your content. Leave the rest to us.


Earn extra income by leading sessions when it’s convenient for you and when families are most likely to join.

  • 1. Apply

    Fill out a brief application

  • 2. Short Interview

    We will schedule a 5-10 minute interview.

  • 3. Schedule Sessions

    Once you are accepted, we will coordinate your first sessions.

We keep the application process as simple as possible,
while keeping the safety of children a top priority.

The Circletime Philosophy

Circletime empowers educators to reach larger audiences with their existing curriculums. As a Circletime Educator, you spend less time searching for pupils and more time doing the job you love doing - educating!
Learn more about Circletime and our philosophy